Apache JMeter 3.0

@ApacheJMeter poinformował o bliskim nadejściu nowej wersji naszego ulubionego narzędzia.

Apache JMeter 3.0 będzie nieco odświeżony graficznie (nowe logo, kilka nowych ikonek), wzbogacony o nowe funkcjonalności, poprawki błędów i przede wszystkim będzie mógł wygenerować większe niż dotychczas obciążenie (zapowiadają 750% i prawdę mówiąc jest na to miejsce).

Wersję deweloperską (jeszcze bez kilku zapowiadanych ficzerów) można pobrać z https://builds.apache.org/job/JMeter-trunk/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/trunk/dist/

Jeśli jesteście ciekawi co tak naprawdę się zmienia, ściągnijcie paczkę i w …/printable_docs/changes.html znajdziecie opis co i jak.

HTTP/2 niestety jeszcze nie ma.

Apache JMeter 3.0

2 thoughts on “Apache JMeter 3.0

  1. Thank you for your blog, few notes on what you write:
    – I suppose you are mentioning https://twitter.com/ApacheJMeter/status/714151278272778241 , +750% perf boost is not a general boost, it is a boost for tests are download embedded resources. The more you have threads, the more the boost is high

    You also write that there is room for improvements in performances which is supposed to mean that JMeter is slow ? More arguments and bugzilla is welcome.
    You’re welcome to read :

    Finally, there are as you can see from changes.html much more enhancements than some logos or icons (which is just the scratched and visible surface 🙂 ) , for information:
    – New Search Feature in View Results Tree to allow searching for text / regexp in Request/Responses/Headers/Cookies… This will ease correlation and Test plans creation
    – New JSON Post Processor to better extract data from JSON content using user friendly JSON-PATH syntax
    – New validation feature, in one click run a selection of Thread Groups with 1 user, no pause and 1 iteration
    – Simplified HTTP Request
    – Nashorn can now be used as Javascript engine providing better performances and easier usage
    – Jexl3 has been integrated. It provides new Scripting features and much better documentation
    – Module Controller has been highly improved
    – JSR223 Test Element do not require a Cache Compilation Key anymore, just check cache checkbox


    – New Reporting Feature generating dynamic Graphs in HTML pages (APDEX, Summary report and Graphs) , example report => http://ubikloadpack.com/donations/dashboard/
    – GraphiteBackendListener has a new Server Hits metric
    – Summariser displays a more readable duration
    – BackendListener now allows to define sampler list as a regular expression

    Protocols and Load Testing improvements
    – Migration to HttpClient 4.5.2 has been started. Although not completely finished, it improves many areas in JMeter
    – Cookies : Support of RFC6265
    – Parallel Downloads is now realistic and scales much better thanks to:
    * Lazy initialization of SSL context : For 15 Threads 138% more sampling in 5 minutes. Gain increases as number of threads increases
    * Rework of Connections management for Parallel Download : for 15 Threads 135% more sampling in 5 minutes.
    * Reuse of ThreadPool
    Total of 750% more throughput
    – Introduction of Sampler Timeout feature
    – JDBC request now uses DBCP2 pool

    – Big improvements in Module Controller

    Configuration ease:
    – Better defaults
    – Old properties removed

    UX Improvements:
    – Better display in HiDPI screens
    – New Icon look
    – New logo
    – Lots of fixes to UI
    – Improved Thread Group UI and related actions (Start, Start No Timers, Validate)
    – New shortcuts to:
    * Add most used elements (CTRL+0 ….9 ), configurable through gui.quick_XXX properties
    * Shortcuts to expand nodes

    1. Philippe,
      JMeter is my favorite open source performance testing tool. I can’t wait for the new version.
      In my post I mention, that all new features are described in changes.html 🙂
      My idea for this blog is short message and a link to the source 🙂
      I really appreciate your hard work. Thanks

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